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We build tech-based companies

Join us to build the present, to build the future

Our process

We build companies mixing "venture builder" and "venture studio" strategies

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1. Idea

We detect the market need and we formalize the potential product and target

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4. Investment

We provide the required funding to run the MVP with or without external investors

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7. FinalTeam selection

Our "core team" members now choose the final team to scale the company

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2. Viability

We develop a business plan under the first idea and we determine its viability


5. MVP

With the proper resources and team, we build the very first version of the product

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8. Hold

We provide help to the team to grow the company and make it profitable

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3. FirstTeam selection

We choose the best experts from our "core team" and from external candidates

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6. Market validation

We launch the product to the market to validate the traction with the first clients

Image by Yiorgos Ntrahas

9. Exit

When the company is viable, validated, scalable and profitable, we sell it

Our core team

We have built several companies in the last 15 years and we are now building the future.  In our core team there are involved amazing people and top professionals in all the areas covered as a venture studio.

Startups we built or we are building


Join us!

Let's build together!

Core Team

Choose Core Team if you want to work with us in the builder, in Holdinq.


Choose Generated startups if you want to a startup built by us, for us to link you with the proper department.


Thanks! We'll reach you soon.

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